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Text The Times.

Text The Times.


Friday’s electronic edition of the paper…

someone forget to push the “Publish” button?

[Editor’s Note: Not exactly. We had what we’re calling a “catastrophic failure” on our server up here. Basically it crashed and took our entire system down.

Fortunately, it was after we had already sent the newspaper files to the printer (which gets done the night before) but had not sent the e-edition files to the web host (which gets done the day of publication).

So it’s not that we forgot to push the “Publish” button, but rather that there wasn’t anything to publish. Fortunately, we were able to get it all back up and running and get the Friday e-edition up on the web site on Monday morning.

The only real casualty of the whole affair was our archives. We had digital copies of all of our newspapers, special sections, and such going back to 2008 backed up on that server, and somehow, during the recovery process, they were all lost, which is a real shame] *** I am sending the following texts for my dad per his request. 1) This is for the benefit of the person texting about Wal-Mart putting a block on their bank account. To solve this problem, all you need to do is sign up for your own Wal-Mart card. By using their card, you will receive automatic 2% discounts on your gas and supplies. If you submit orders through their app, you will receive more discounts that are applied as credits back to your account (points/rewards). Then you simply pay the bill for the month. 2) I would like to see some type of law put into place about the bright blue after market headlights. There should be a maximum candle limit set for safety. Sure, everyone wants to see as best as possible, but not at the impairment of other driver’s vision.

3) I live in Marion but would like to chime in on Mayor McClendon.

He’s had many bright ideas for the welfare and needs of West Memphis, yet those ideas were costly. Now that he is mayor, let’s see if or how the city can afford his suggestions. Will the city council/budget back him? It seems he and the WMPD are trying to make some worthy changes to control the existing high crime.

Looks like everyone is working together and doing a great job! Keep up the hard work! C Pilgrim, a 30 year susbscriber of the Times.

[Editor’s Note: I know not everyone texts, so I’m glad you were able to bridge the gap for your Dad. And I do love a multi-part question! 1) That’s all pretty cool to know. I’ve been a little slow in taking advantage of all the things Walmart is doing to compete with Amazon.

I’m all-in on my Amazon Prime, though. I’m sure I’ll come around 2) There actually is a law that covers this. Federal regulations limit headlight brightness…

specifically the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Currently, headlights are limited to about a maximum of 75,000 candela, although in all honesty, I have no idea how bright that actually is. I do recall my nephew getting a “million candle-watt” spotlight once for Christmas and that thing would burn your face off. 3) I’m 100 percent with you on this one. I was not super optimistic when Mc-Clendon took office, but outside of some hiccups he seems to be doing his job at a more than acceptable level. Thanks for sending this in and thanks for reading!]


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