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Marion PD makes drug bust

Marion PD makes drug bust



Police seize more than 4 grams of cocaine following traffic stop By Ralph Hardin

The streets of Marion are a little safer these days after a routine traffic stop led to an arrest for possession of cocaine.

Last Friday, Officer Robert Thomas was manning his radar gun at the intersection of L.H. Polk and Par Drive when he clocked a vehicle traveling at 39 miles per hour in a 25 MPH zone.

“I confirmed the speed with my radar,” said Thomas. “The vehicle came to a complete stop at L.H. Polk and Club Circle. “I then came into contact with the driver, David Carter, and the passenger, Tyrone Allen.”

Thomas said he ran through the standard procedures for such a traffic stop. He then asked Allen for his ID. Although he did not have identification on him, Allen did give the officer his name and date of birth.

“Upon running both Carter and Allen through Crittenden Dispatch, Mr. Carter came back clean, and Mr. Allen was on probation with a search waiver on file,” said Thomas. “Upon asking both Carter and Allen if there was anything illegal in the vehicle, both said no. I then advised Mr. Carter that his passenger had a search waiver on file and that we could search the vehicle.”

It was then that the encounter escalated from a routine traffic stop to something more serious.

“Both Carter and Allen were searched for weapons and drugs,” said Thomas. “Upon searching the vehicle, on the front right passenger’s seat, I noticed some type of white powder that was on the seat.”

Officer Brian Morton arrived to assist with the search.

“While I was searching Allen, I noticed his whole shirt was wet from sweat,” said Morton. “I found an empty Newport box in the front right pocket with a blue ink pen top and four clear baggies with a white powdery substance on it.”

When asked about the substance, Allen claimed it was Tylenol. His suspicions raised, Morton continued the search.

“I had Mr. Allen take off his shoes in order to ensure nothing was in them,” said Morton.

“When he took off his left shoe, I could see a large bag that he was trying to cover up with his foot.”

Allen declined to respond when asked about the bag. He was placed under arrest.

Officer Thomas opened the bag and found 12 “individually wrapped baggies” of the same white powdery substance.

“We field tested the substance and it tested positive for cocaine,” said Thomas. “It weighed in at 4.1 grams. The evidence was transported to the Marion Police Department

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