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The Sheriff & The Judge

The Sheriff & The Judge


Allen thanks retiring Fogleman for his years of service By Ralph Hardin

For a quarter of a century Judge John Fogleman sat on the bench as Circuit Judge, serving the people of the Second Judicial District. Fogleman also served as a deputy prosecuting attorney before putting on the black robes.

And while there are many who have respected and admired Fogleman and his dedication to the law, it was Crittenden County Sheriff Mike Allen who took to social media over the weekend to salute his personal and professional aquaintance as he enters into retirement.

“It was bittersweet tonight to attend a retirement celebration for a judge that I have so much respect and admiration for,” Allen said in a Facebook post. “Judge John N. Fogleman has retired after 25 years on the bench serving as your Circuit Court Judge in the Second Judicial District, which covers six counties in Northeast Arkansas.”

Allen was sure to include a few of the judge’s other accolades in the tribute.

“But his long career in public service didn’t start there,” Allen said.

“It started in the 1980s after he graduated Law school and became the Marion City Attorney, he also served as a Deputy Prosecuting Attorney before becoming a Judge.”

During their lengthy careers in law enforcement and the judiciary, Allen and Fogleman have enjoyed a long working relationship.

“I have known Judge Fogleman for at least 35 years and he’s never wavered,” Allen recalled. “He’s always been the most honest, dedicated and devoted public servant that I’ve had the privilege to have known.”

Allen reflected on Fogleman’s firm but fair approach to the law.

“Let’s just say that anyone that’s ever had corrective criticism advice from Judge Fogleman is today a better person,” said the sheriff. “I know I am, and I’m proud to call him my friend. I was so honored to be asked to speak at his retirement party, in attendance were other circuit judges, attorneys, family and friends that came out to wish him well.”

Allen noted the changed coming to the Second Judicial District, including some redrawn district and circuit lines and some outgoing judges.

“We are losing some really good judges to retirement and we pray that the citizens of this Second Judicial District elect replacements with the same qualities as possessed by Judge Fogleman.”

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