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Text The Times.

Text The Times.


It looks like there are some attempts to hide the truth in America although the most puzzling one is the new model uniforms of the US Space Force, basically Army camouflage uniforms with new labels stuck over them.

The concept of camouflage space uniforms is puzzling as there are very few trees up there and I thought the aliens were either green or grey. The truth might be out there, but it seems to be well camouflaged. [ Editor’s Note: I can not count the number of ways that the whole idea of the United States having an actual branch of the military called the Space Force.

First off, if we really do need to militarize the atmosphere and beyond (against threats of what, God only knows), then we sort of already have both the Air Force and NASA. Second, how could we pass up the chance to make “Starfleet” from the Star Trek show a real thing?

Are we getting a U.S.S.

Enterprise? That might make the whole thing worth it. Honestly, the whole thing sounds like an idea for a Saturday Night Live sketch they would have come up with to make Trump sound dumb] *** Been getting the paper on time every day lately. Thank you! [Editor’s Note: Thank you for letting us know. Hope it keeps up!]


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