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Text The Times.


Hi Ralph, and thanks for speaking with me today about the 48th annual Knights of Columbus Supper. The honorees are Murphy Smith and Richard Williford.

See you there! [Editor’s Note: And thank you for calling in. I had asked who this year’s honorees were and none of my regular sources seemed to know. It’s one of the cool things about Text the Times, where we have a pretty decent line of communication with our readers. I know I sometimes have questions too, and I don’t know who to ask. Anyway, you will indeed see me there!] *** The morning TV news and the local papers contain items about Nancy Pelosi signing the impeachment order for President Trump, a major political event although the emphasis seems to be on the number of pens, she used to sign that order. The pen count given as seventeen in one paper and over two dozen in another is surely irrelevant but perhaps shows what the priorities can be, political favors rather than political actions.

The inaccuracy of the pen count could be just poor reporting rather than any deliberate attempt to mislead the public. My count for her signature is twelve pens assuming she does dot the i. The concept that the pens have an actual value and are on display in politicians’ offices is also confusing and highlights a waste of what I assume are tax payer dollars given that a single dot on the i will leave a fair amount of ink left in the pen. I am not sure how much will be left in the marker pens that President Trump uses as his signature is much larger and darker.

If anyone wonders why there is cynicism about politics, especially amongst the younger generations, I think I can put a fine point on it or a thicker point if using a marker pen.

[Editor’s Note: I think more than anything, this whole deal just highlights the ever-widening divide in this country.

What we have here is two factions who will apparently never give up an opportunity to take a jab at each other.

The worst part about the whole thing is both sides believe they are absolutely in the right, so the other side has to be absolutely in the wrong.

And what you end up with is two extremes representing the worst of both parties and the majority of people (who are actually capable of listening to and understanding both sides of an issue) left voiceless…

or at least having their voices drowned out by the braying jackasses from the far left and the bloated elephants from the far right… and, I’m sorry, you were saying something about ink pens?] *** I see they are working on the railroads. Are they also going to fix all the potholes? [ Editor’s Note: I hate to disappoint you, but the railroad is only going to be working on the railroad (all the live-long day?).

The potholes would fall squarely into their “not my job” category. As to whether or not the local pothole situation will be addressed, you’ll have to wait for spring. I’m afraid putting down asphalt requires a certain type of weather and you aren’t going to get more than a one-off day of warm dry weather around here for a few months]

Here’s what everyone is talking about this week:

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