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Never underestimate the stupidity of the criminal element

Never underestimate the stupidity of the criminal element


Never underestimate the stupidity of the criminal element

We can’t help but be amused how some criminals running the streets of West Memphis aren’t the smartest people among us.

Take for example three convicted felons sitting in the living room late one night recently sorting out illegal drugs and cash while having semi automatic pistols at their side and responding to a knock at the front door by saying “come on in” when the person on the other side is a West Memphis police officer.

Now that isn’t very intelligent and for criminals who are obviously familiar with committing felony crimes you would think they would be a little smarter but then again convinced felons aren’t known for being the brightest bulbs in the chandelier.

This is the latest example of what West Memphis police officers are dealing with on a daily basis in their successful effort to eliminate criminal activity. Unfortunately, it is like a revolving door in dealing with these criminals in that while they almost always get caught they are soon back on the street committing their dastardly deeds over and over again.

It is a known fact that most of the convicted felons in Crittenden County are no strangers to the veteran police officers or our district court judge, particularly the so-called “low-end” criminals dealing in “pot”, cocaine, stealing and residential burglaries.

Then, of course, there are the more serious felons, most winding up in some state or federal prison for decades but, they too return to their old habits once they’ve served their time.

We’ve all seen what an excellent job our local law enforcement agencies are doing to keep tabs on criminals in Crittenden County and it is always amusing to read on many of these criminals show their ignorance.

Here’s another case of absolute stupidity on the part of the criminal. Again, the other day Crittenden County Sheriff’s deputies and WMPD officers attempted to stop a vehicle with fictitious Oklahoma tags.

The driver, unfamiliar with the roads in Crittenden County attempted to elude officers and reached speeds of nearly 120 miles-per-hour, went around a barricade and entered a section of the pavement that was under water due to heavy rains. The suspect attempted to swim away but was thwarted by a large rodent that was also in the water.

With the help of the rodent, officers were able to arrest the driver while the rodent went on his merry way.

Just another exciting day for our law enforcement officers dealing with a class of criminals that usually end up behind bars, at least for a time until or flawed judicial system makes it possible for them to get out of jail and return to their failed ways.

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