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Bayou redevelopment plan gets new life

By John Rech

news@theeveningtimes. com

The Ten Mile Bayou Trail redevelopment project has been on and off the city project list but was voted back on again by West Memphis City Council. The project would rehabilitate the bayou with improve drainage by upgrading drainage culverts, removing debris and fixing bank erosion.

Planners pointed to the flow of the ditch and said it would work best to start cleanup near Barton and Rich Road and work east through the city. The Public works commission approved the plan to improve the bayou coupled with a congestion mitigation grant from the Arkansas Department of Highways and referred it to city council.

In November city council presented questions about engineering expenses and nixed the proposal because details confused most of city council. December brought clarification and city council reversed itself opting to proceed with the cleanup with the highway department grant to re-paved the trail. The new pavement would be designed to support small maintenance equipment along the water way to allow maintenance vehicle access. Some of the bayou had not been maintained once in the last 30 years. Erosion had impacted some fencing and certain out buildings along the water way. City council approved an engineering scope of work to move improvement plans forward.

“For lack of knowledge I was opposed to it at the last meeting, but with further discussion, I think that it would be great,” said Councilman Tracy Catt.

Catt’s comment reversed the tide for the majority of city council joining him to affirm the scope of work.

Once on the floor for vote only Councilman Wayne Croom remained opposed to the scope of work agreement. The rest of the city council voted in favor of work for the first phase on the Ten Mile Bayou.

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