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New Year, New Attitude

New Year, New Attitude


By Tracy Evans Personal Trainer

Well 2020 is here and every fad diet, new gym, and exercise commercial is on your television — from the best place to work out to the last diet you will ever need.

Don’t you love it.?

Designer marketing has taken over or stimulus to get us excited to make this year our year to get healthy.

Well guess what? In case you didn’t realize, this happens every year at the same time and place. Every. Year.

I heard a motivational speaker say, “The only thing that changes on your vision board for most of us is the year.”

She was right. Let me ask if and when you start this transition to a healthier you, what is your motivation?

Is it the “Monkey see, Monkey do” effect?

Is it “I wanna look good for the summer” or some special event you have coming up?

Is it you’re entering a new weight loss challenge?

All these are good reasons to start… However, ask yourself what is the missing link to keep you going? Stop here and take a good look at yourself — not your outside self but your inside self.

Why have I let myself get to a place of discomfort? Why do i keep doing this? What about me and my surroundings keep pulling me back to the same place and sometimes worse than where I was last year?

Once you start to ask yourself these questions, I need you to write down the answers you give yourself. Study your answers long and hard. Most importantly be completely honest with YOUR answers. Now, we have the answers let’s start an action plan to correct this.

An action plan has to be step by step with a system of self checks and balances.

If one of your answers is, “well, my friend wanted me to start the gym with her,” you have just set your “monkey see, monkey do” plan in motion.

When your friend stops. you are more than likely to stop as well.

It could be the “summer is coming” effect also. For me summer has been coming and going for 48 years. So, why make your health a temporary effect?

Right now today is the best time to become comfortable with being uncomfortable. Your clothes don’t fit, you don’t enjoy looking at yourself in the mirror, you have just received an unhealthy diagnosis from your doctor — diabetes, high blood pressure, or some other chronic illness that could take your life.

Don’t let tomorrow pass you by without making a decision to change your mental and physical thoughts about your health.

Start here and end never.

More to Come!

Tracy the Trainer Tracy Evans is a personal trainer who is sharing the journey of his personal weight loss success story to inspire others to take that first step to a healthier lifestyle.

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