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DFA to Arkansas drivers: Get insured or face suspension

DFA to Arkansas drivers: Get insured or face suspension


LITTLE ROCK — A new state law that took effect at the first of the year will have an impact on all drivers in the state, with officials saying they are hopeful the new rules will also have a positive impact on insurance rates. According to a report from the Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration, the new law requires that all drivers in the state have vehicle insurance.

The law covers only motorcycles and motor vehicles. If a driver does not have insurance, state officials will send the driver a letter telling them they have 30 days to get insurance or their registration on the vehicle will be suspended.

After that, it will cost $100 to have the registration reinstated, according to the wording of the new law.

The law also creates a system to allow law enforcement to check the insurance status of drivers in real time, plus will let officials know if the insurance was bought or has lapsed.

According to officials with the Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration, nearly 400,000 of the nearly 2.9 million vehicles in the state are not insured.

Scott Hardin, a spokesman with DFA, said the new law aims to help address the issue.

“The hope of this program is you see that number drop, you see that number of uninsured motorists across the state drop, which ultimately over a time period could result in lower rates for all of us,” Hardin said.

The state department will be sending letters to motorists, starting in early February.


BENTONVILLE — Actor and pro wrestling star Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson visited Arkansas this week.

The star of “Jumanji” and “Moana” posted on Instagram that he traveled to Bentonville to meet with Walmart executives, where they discussed “hard work and doing our best to make peoples lives just a little bit better.”

They also discussed tequila. On Thursday morning, Johnson posted a photo of himself in front of a jet thanking the executives for being part of his #TeremanaTequilaTour.

Johnson’s Teremana Tequila may be hitting Arkansas shelves in March, according to the post.

“Bentonville, Arkansas I’ll see you down the road,” the post says.


Little Rock police detective charged with assault

LITTLE ROCK — A detective with the Little Rock Police Department was arrested, according to police.

John Brawley was charged with third-degree domestic assault.

A spokesperson with Little Rock police said they were notified about the arrest early Thursday morning.

Brawley was placed on administrative leave while an internal investigation was being conducted, according to police.

The charge was being investigated by another agency.


Medical marijuana doing big business in Northeast Arkansas

JONESBORO — Patients who use medical marijuana in the Natural State have spent nearly $31 million since May 2019, state officials said Thursday.

According to a media release from the Department of Finance and Administration, the patients have bought 4,735 pounds of medical marijuana since the first dispensary opened in the state.

At the two locations in Northeast Arkansas: Fiddler’s Green in Mountain View, since opening July 11, the company has sold 437.72 pounds of medical marijuana.

NEA Full Spectrum in Brookland, since opening Dec. 9, the company has sold 70.26 pounds of medical marijuana.

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