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Text The Times.

Text The Times.




Here’s what everyone is talking about this week:

I have always enjoyed Text the Times and I have always appreciated your honest answers… even when the questions and texts you get are borderline ridiculous. I was just wondering how does someone get involved with any of the charity organizations around here? [Editor’s Note: Well, I’m not really sure which end of the organization you’re looking to be a part of… do you want to be a part of serving in an organization? Or do you need help from one of those services? If it’s the first, you can check out the Community Briefs section on Page 5 for a number of non-profits that would love to have you. Many of them also have Facebook pages as well. I would bet that Hope House, CASA, Families in Transition, the Good Neighbor Center, or the 8th Street Mission (just to name a few) would appreciate your help. If you are in need of services, if you’d give me a hint about what your needs are (no need to mention your name) I can better point you in the right direction. There are some great organizations out there that support a lot of specialized causes in this area]

*** Will there be a makeup day for the Christmas tree lighting? [Editor’s Note: Sadly, no. All of the vendors and such that were part of the planned festivities for last Tuesday night have commitments elsewhere the remainder of the holiday season, so it would be very difficult to get that organized and put together on an alternate date. The good news is, the lights are on out at Worthington Park, so you can at least go out and see the sights.

I don’t remember the last time the tree lighting had to be cancelled, so that’s a real shame. It wasn’t that long ago, though, that the city had to give up on its Christmas Parade after I think three different dates were all rained out. Speaking of Christmas Parades, this year’s is tonight! It’s going to be cold, but it should be clear, so bundle up, and come out and enjoy it!]

*** Heard Richard Williford passed away. Dickie was a longtime friend whom I did not visit enough. I visited with him only shortly at our graduating class (class of 1959, Central High, West Helena) only a couple weeks ago. He chided me for not visiting him in a while and I promised to do so soon. Better visit your friends while you still can!

Dickie helped me out when the last of my aunts who lived in West Memphis died. I had to dispose of their home and beauty shop on Missouri St. Dickie found a buyer quickly at a fair price. He was a good guy and will be missed by a lot of folks. [Editor’s Note: I grew up around here, so I always saw all the Williford Reality signs everywhere, but I somehow never managed to cross paths with him, even though it seems like he was always involved in a lot of community events. I’m sure he will be missed. Hope you saw the write-up on the front page today]

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