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Asleep at the wheel…

Asleep at the wheel…


Man dozes off waiting on a slow train, ends up with drug charges

Just about everyone in West Memphis and Marion has a frustrating tail to tell about being held up by a train but, how about the guy who literally fell asleep at the wheel while the waiting on the train to pass and being awakened by police only to be arrested for being in possession of illegal drugs and an open beer can that was half full of warm beer.

It was a simple case of being at the wrong place at the wrong time for 26-yearold Julian Deshon Irvin, 26, of 2400 Goodwin Ave., in West Memphis, Assistant West Memphis Police Chief Robert Langston said.

Irvin is now facing possession of meth or cocaine and being in violation of the Arkansas open container law.

Langston said as one of his officers was traveling east on East Broadway approaching the railroad tracks near the intersection of South 5th Street he noticed a train just clearing the tracks. As he approached the railroad tracks he noticed a 1994 Jeep Cherokee stopped in the lane of traffic with several vehicles stopped behind it.

As the officer passed the Jeep he noticed the driver, later identified as Irvin, slumped over the steering wheel apparently asleep. When the officer approached the drive’s side door he observed that the vehicle’s engine was running and was in the “park” position. Langston said the officer then reached inside the vehicle through the open driver’s side window and switched the engine off before making contact with Irvin, who was still sleeping.

It was then that the officer noticed an opened Milwau- kee’s Best beer can, located in the cup holder in the center console.

Upon waking Irvin, officers asked him why he was asleep in his vehicle that was parked in the lane of traffic. Irvin told officers that he was just very tired.

When asked about the beer can that still contained beer Irvin simply reached for it and handed it to officers.

When Irvin exited the vehicle officers observed in plain view a clear baggie containing suspected marijuana, later field-tested positive for THC located in the side pocket of the driver’s door. Officers also located another clear baggie containing suspected cocaine.

Langston said Irvin was the placed under arrest and later transported to the Crittenden County Detention Center where he was charged.

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