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Marion Police Department addition completed

Marion Police Department addition completed


Extra 2,000 square feet will give MPD more ‘elbow room’ The Marion Police Department is enjoying larger accommodations these days thanks to an expansion on the west end of the MPD headquarters.

The addition at the police station added 2,000 square feet. The expansion gives the department two new offices, an expanded evidence locker, case file storage area, and equipment room. The city served as its own contractor on the project, a first for the city. The project also included a complete overlay and re-striping of the parking lot.

Marion Chief of Police Gary Kelley said he plans to use one of the offices for a training room and is very pleased with the results.

“It’s going to be great,” Chief Kelley said. “We’re going to have a lot more elbow room.”

Detective Paul Turney provided a look at the completed project.

“We have room for growth now,” said Turney.

“It’s nice to have the extra space. We have storage space now that we can use, so we can have items on hand for a faster response if needed in an emergency situation.”

With more office space, more training rooms, and locker space, the police station will be able to host on-site training, expand staff capabilities and as Turney put it, “let us stay out of each others’ way.”

“It’s a really nice addition,” Turney said. “We’re glad to have it.”

Next up for the city is a new fire station. At October’s City Council meeting, Councilman Kelly O’Neal, who chairs the police and fire committee, reported that Building Inspector Jerry Kelley has submitted buildings plans for the committee to look over for a new Fire Station No. 1.

“Jerry is doing a fine job going over the plans,’ O’Neal said. “We have a price and he is going to continue to look them over and smooth out the price.”

Kelley also reported that half of the brick work has been completed at Fire Station No. 2 and that the renovations are progressing well.

“I feel like we will be finished with Fire Station No.

2 by the end of the year or maybe mid-January,” Kelley said.

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