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Work at the Public Works

Work at the Public Works


City of West Memphis striving to keep the city clean

New roads and bridges, re-paving old roads, the city engineers office delivered updates to the public Works Commission during its September meetings.

City Engineer Amanda Hicks ran down the list.

City recycling turned in an average month. There was one haul of the electronic waste to recycling.

The city disposed of 128 junk tires.

The South Loop expansion headed the road work report.

“We have our funding through for environmental process,” said Hicks. “We received return for our 30 percent for our line grading plan review. “We talked to the geo-tech, his analysis has started. Once we get that, we can submit our 60 percent plan and our right of way map. We are still looking to finish the plan by the end of the year to go to construction next year.”

The stalled Redding street Bridge rehabilitation had moved through redesign.

“The Redding Bridge is a city project,” said Hicks.

“When we pulled the old bridge up the pilings came with it so we are completely redesigning it with a box culvert. That work will fall into next year’s budgetary considerations for City Council.”

The city received state aid to help upgrade a portion of East Barton.

“That work begins around September 16,” said Hicks. “During the day the road will be closed to through traffic, but residents can still drive in and out from their houses. We have to under-cut the road 18 inches. We will put back stone so residents can drive.

Right now a tree trimmer is taking down limbs in the right of way area. Work will be complete in December.”

The Lehr Street Bridge is the next one for the city to tackle.

“We are still in the planning phase, looking at hydraulics,” said Hicks.

Hicks reported overlay work complete for the year.

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