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What happened to Waffle House?

What happened to Waffle House?


Question about closed restaurant stirs feelings on Facebook “Since I hardly am in that area I was surprised to see the Waffle House in West Memphis is closed… is there one in West Memphis anymore?”

Terry Beach asked that question on the Marion, Arkansas Residents Facebook page. “When did they close?”

Caitlin Dennison asked. “I live here and didn’t know!” “Yeah, I worked there when it got shut down,” replied Rebecca Lyles-Laughlin. “I still dont know why it shut down, but we were told on August 19 it was shutting down that same night at 9 p.m.”

“I hope to see it remodeled and new management,” said Jason Goodbar. “Love Waffle House!”

A lot of folks were surprised to hear of the closure.

“It really sucks. I love Waffle House,” said Kevin German. “It was always packed at night… It’s very strange that they just up and left.”

They finally fix the sign then shut down,” lamented Dennison. “Outrageous!”

“We had no warning,” said Lyles-Laughlin.

Then the social commentary started. “Look at how many places that have closed down,” said Debra Weber. “It’s sad!”

Debbie Shivers-Dohmen said, “That Waffle House should have closed years ago. It was nasty.”

“You need to try the waffle and pancake restaurant in marion,” suggested Linda Clem. “It is better.”

“I have eaten there and it is a good place to go,” said Terry Beach. “Tasty food and good service.”

Jason Goodbar said, “It’s great, but it’s no Waffle House.”

People were already starting to get nostalgia.

“Miss the Waffle House,” said Tim Nelson. “Hope one comes back” “I remember when Waffle House was on Missouri Street,” said Robert Hughey. “When it moved to the Interstate service roads back in 1987, their business skyrocketed.”

And then, because it’s West Memphis, guess what got mentioned…

“I heard they were putting Chick-Fil-A in that spot,” said TyKeyla Dumas “I don’t know if it’s true, but I’ve heard about it from a few people.”

For the record, there’s no evidence to suggest that is accurate.

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