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Text The Times.

Text The Times.


It’s amazing that your paper doesn’t just state the obvious facts about the fire department. 1) the mayor appointed a man as chief who had to resign at the department previously 2) the mayor appointed a relative as ems head (had to lower qualifications for him to qualify).

Both of these actions have damaged the department. I wonder what will happen with our 1st class fire rating.

[ Editor’s Note: I appreciate your concerns, but I will have to point out that we have reported BOTH of these facts NUMEROUS times. As frustrating as it is, there’s really nothing legally wrong with either of those appointments. I don’t know how often the ISO evaluations occur, but if there has been anything that has happened (and I don’t know that there has) that would lower the West Memphis Fire Department’s rating, it will come out at that time, and then we’ll see what happens]

*** So sad that we can’t get enhanced drivers license in Marion. Those ladies make an unpleasant job pleasant.

They are very helpful. Not so in West Memphis. They are rude and condescending.

[Editor’s Note: I don’t know that “sad” is the right word for it. I mean, I guess it’s inconvenient to have to drive “all the way” to West Memphis. I can’t speak to your personal experience, but I live in Marion and will usually go to the West Memphis Revenue Office anyway because it’s usually faster, with more clerks and I’ve never had an unpleasant experience there]

*** I have figured out what the West Memphis sanitation trouble is. We call it the blue flu against Amanda Hicks.

[Editor’s Note: I have no dog in this fight as I live (as I mentioned above) live in Marion, but if I were mayor, I’d fire the entire Sanitation Department and start over.

Or better yet, just hire a private sanitation firm. I don’t know the cost difference, but I bet the job would get done] *** I would like to thank whoever changed the speed limit on Hino Road from 30 mph to 45 mph. I’m a truck driver that travels that road several times a day. I would set my cruse on 45 mph anyway because trying get us to drive 30 mph is very improbable. Thanks again.

[Editor’s Note: I’m not basing this on anything other than my own intuition, but I suspect the speed limit was lower because the bridge was in terrible shape. Now that the rehab is completed, it’s probably safer for higher speeds again. As someone with relatives in the trucking inustry, I’m glad to see you’re getting a little bit of an easier road to travel.

Safe trucking, and roll on 18-wheeler!]

*** I wonder does Mike Allen know he has the most unprofessional staff running the back of his jail, starting from the sergeant to the Chief’s and let me not forget their time keeper she has the nastiest attitude ever I recommend no one to apply to work at this jail ever they mistreats the jailers and inmates the worst this place should shut down or fire the entire staff and hire people who knows how to be professional at all times a change needs to take place at Crittenden County Sheriff’s Department ASAP!! [Editor’s Note: Look, I don’t know you or your story or what inspired you to send this in, and I will happily admit to not knowing what goes on behind the walls of the Crittenden County Detention Center. But I imagine it’s none too pleasant, and you know, I don’t think it’s supposed to be. I’m pretty limited on my experience behind bars but it is, you know, a jail, and I can only imagine that environment doesn’t really create a happy sing-song attitude. To really address what you’re concerned about, I would need to know what your perspective is here… Are you an employee or former employee? Are you an inmate or former inmate? Were you there visiting a loved one who is in jail and you had an unpleasant visit. You mentioned a “time keeper,” so that’s what first came to mind… like, you were there to see your (husband or wife or relative of some kind) and didn’t like the way it went or time got cut short. Like I say, I don’t know where you’re coming from, so I don’t really know what else I can say… except that Sheriff Allen was re-elected by a large margin last election, so most folks would not agree with your assessment that “a change needs to take place”]

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