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‘Your mother called the police on you?’

‘Your mother called the police on you?’


Judge Thorne has questions for man charged with trespassing

By the Evening Times News Staff news@theeveningtimes.


A man with a felony charge of terroristic threatening was in West Memphis District court on Monday.

“Don’t you have a trial date on another charge?”

asked Judge Fred Thorne.

“Yes. It is on Wednesday.” “And now you have another charge before that court date?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Talk to the public defender.”Two men were up next. They had felony charges to do with providing inmates with marijuana and other prohibited items.

“Where do you live?”

“West Memphis,” said the first man.

“Memphis,” said the second man. “Do you work?”

“I did till Friday.”

“Both of you go talk to the public defender. I’ll set your bonds today.”

A man with felony charges of forgery times two was also asked where he lived.

“I just moved to West Memphis from Little Rock.”

“Are you employed?”

“Yes, sir.”

“How much do you make a week?”

“From $799 down to $200 depending on how much we do.”

“How much did you file on your taxes?”


“That is only two weeks salary!”

“I had just started the last of the year.”

“See the public defender.”

A man charged with felony possession of drug paraphernalia and schedule one or two drugs was asked where he lived.

“Hot Springs.”

“Where are you working?”

“I’m not working.”

“Who is supporting you?”

“They are supporting me.” “Who is ‘they’?”

“The people I was paroled out to.”

“See the public defender.”

The next man in jail had felony drug charges and resisting arrest charges.

“Where do you live?”

“West Memphis.”

“What do yo do for a living?”

“I’m self employed. I do floor covering.”

“How much money do you make a week?”

“From $350 to $1500.”

“How much have you made so far this year?”


“How are you living on none?”

“I stay at my mother’s house.”

“See the public defender.”

A man in court owed $470 to the court. He pled guilty. “Why haven’t you paid what you owe?”

“I was out of work and didn’t have any money.”

“Pay $225 today and you can get back on a time payment.”

A man charged with driving on suspended pled no contest. To his no tags he pled guilty.

“I went to pick up my cousin so we could go to work. Usually my father drives us.”

“$45 plus court costs on the tags. $305 plus court costs and two days on the driving while suspended.”

A woman with criminal trespass charges pled no contest.

“Your mother called the police on you? What is going on?”

“I called the police to my mom’s house because I was having a panic attack.”

“She told you to leave and you didn’t leave. The police also told you top leave and you wouldn’t leave.

$250 plus court costs. Stay away from your mother’s house.”

A man charged with loitering pled guilty.

“You were knocking on doors trying to get in houses.”

“I was trying to find some work.”

“Five days jail.”

The next man was also charged with loitering.

“You were at the Relax Inn knocking on doors.

Whose door was it?”

“My baby momma door.”

“She was inside with another man. That is why you were knocking on her door!”

“I was looking for a ride home and she said she would give me a ride home.”

“Where do you live?”

“West Memphis.”

“$100 plus court costs.”

The next man pled guilty to non payment of fines.

“My wife was supposed to be making the payments.”

“$295 plus court costs.

Pay $150 today and get back on a payment plan or do eight days jail.”

A man with no driver’s license and a failure to appear pled guilty on both charges.

“Why didn’t you come to court?”

“I got a continuance and I didn’t want to come with no money.”

“$55 plus court costs on the driver’s license and $150 plus court costs on the failure to appear.”

A woman walked out when the decision was made.

“Are you his momma?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Are you going to pay his fines?”

“Yes, sir.”

From the jail the man said, “Love you, momma.”

“Love you, too.”

A woman in the courtroom was charged with following too close.

“How do you plead?”

“Not guilty. I have pictures.”

“Get a trial date and bring all your pictures then.”

The next man had speeding and driving on suspended charges. He pled not guilty and was also given a trial date.

A man with expired tags pled guilty.

“How long have the tags been expired?”

“A little over a year. It is a church van.”

“Are you the pastor?”

“Yes, I am. Someone else was supposed to take care of that.”

“You should be the man in charge of taking care of everything. $25 plus court costs.”

A young man and his father were in court. The young man pled no contest to speeding.

“Father, how are his grades?”

“Good. He is on the honor roll.”

“Where do you go to school?”

“MUS in Memphis.”

“All you have to do there to be on the honor roll is sign your name. What grade are you in?”

“I’ll be a junior next year.”

“Father, do you want to pay $75 court costs and have him go to driver’s school or do four hours community service?”

“I’ll pay the court costs and he will go to driver’s school.”

“That is not what I would have done but it was up to you.”

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