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Murray wins runoff for WM Council seat

Murray wins runoff for WM Council seat


West Memphis teacher will serve remainder of McClendon’s term for Ward 4

West Memphis Ward 4 voters elected a new Alderman filling Marco McClendon’s vacated seat after he ascended to Mayor. In a ward with 2,676 registered voters, only 134 exercised their right to vote, amounting to a very low 0.05 percent turnout.

The race was a runoff after a six-way special election produced Arburt Robinson and David Murray as the two runoff candidates.

David Murray pulled out the victory by eight votes for the Position 2 seat.

Murray bested Robinson 71-63. The councilman- elect retired from Langston Bag and set off to college where he earned a four-year degree and teaching credentials. He teaches English enthusiastically at Jackson-Wonder Elementary.

Ward 4 Position 1 Councilwoman Lorraine Robinson expressed words of welcome to Murray and took the vote count to Facebook Live with Ward 5 Councilman Willis Mondy. Mondy actively campaigned for Murray.

“I look forward working with Mr. Murray,” said Robinson. “He believes in the mayor’s agenda and will help push it forward.” “I appreciate my city council colleagues, Miss Lorraine Robinson and Willis Mondy,” said Murray. “I learned a lot from them. They were invaluable to me. I look forward to working with them in city council.”

Murray examined the job set before him.

“The first thing I’m going to do is build a good foundation and learn all that I can,” said Murray. “I support the policing initiatives, young people’s jobs, cleaning up the city, and making the whole city safe for a better quality of life.” Councilwoman Robinson commented on the decline in the number of voters in the Ward 4 and the decline in voter participation.

“There used to be 4,000 voters in the ward,” said Robinson. “It’s evidently gone down because people have moved out. But 134 votes?” Robinson said as she shrugged.

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