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Text The Times.

Text The Times.


I would just like to respond to an article in weekend edition “text the times” concerning Marion Lake! The city of Marion better not touch the lake it’s self, now I’m gonna tell you why! 1 that’s part off the old miss. River 2 it was designated wet lands by the federal government 3 don’t touch it! Unless the government tells u you can! Just thought I would clear that up! [Editor’s Note: Granted, I may not have the resources or background knowledge that you do, but I searched the Arkansas State Wetlands Management Program’s website and found no evidence of Marion Lake being designated as a wetland. It’s definitely not a former part of the Mississippi River, although before the levees were built it did connect to the river at Mound City, but that was more than a hundred years ago. You might be thinking of Dacus Lake, which as I understand it was a channel of the Mississippi River until the big earthquake in 1811 cut it off from the main river. I think the key phrase in your text, though, is the “unless the government…” part. Even if there were regulations to cut through, if someone wanted to develop the area, I’m sure there would be allowances made for the right price]

*** I’d like to remind everyone that west Memphis is still dealing with crime and blight all over town. I’m totally against buying anything that has such a short window of time to generate any revenue. Besides the possibility of destruction and monies out of the west Memphis tax monies to repair year after year. I’m convinced our infrastructure should be priority along with blight. Long before we invest in land that has possibility of being under water every year. This is much like our lights on water tower and underpasses that don’t work and our city has no monies to maintain these items. [Editor’s Note: I remember several years ago there was a commercial that I think was for some kind of vo-tech school where a young adult out in the world lamented, “I can’t get a job without any experience, and I can’t get experience without a job!” This issue kind of reminds me of that commercial. “We can have any special events and attractions without a revenue source, and we can’t create a revenue source without special events and attractions!” I know that doens’t really offer any solutions or address your specific concerns, but I just thought I’d share]

*** In reference to the recent text about developing Marion lake into a functional location for citizens to get able to enjoy a place to fish and enjoy nature such as the lake at Tilden Rogers Park in West Memphis. In the middle 1980’s Marion mayor Eddie Bigger had such a plan. His plan would have created an 85 acre fishing and recreation lake. His plan, as I remember, was presented to the state, army corps of engineers and he even proposed using the national guard engineer units to help with the work as part of their summer camp. His plan was opposed by a large farmer who farms just east of the Marion city limits off of Marion Lake Rd. This farmer was successful in putting a halt to the plans. So now we still have a swamp. [Editor’s Note: That sounds about right, actually] ***

Ok, it’s 11:55 p.m. Friday night and 106 Willow did NOT receive Friday’s Times!!!! And while I am once again complaining knowing the same regular carrier will continue his route, I also did NOT get my Monday June 3rd paper until Tuesday June 4th, I don’t know why we continue getting this very poor service with nothing being done about it, all we can say is it is VERY BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE that just keeps on getting worse!!! [ Editor’s Note: I wish I had something more to offer you than just apologies and lip service. I assure you I report every instance of someone not getting their paper to the Circulation Department, and that’s about all I can do. I promise I try. The other day on Facebook, I was trying to help a customer out with their subscription and some folks took that an an opportunity to offer their criticisms of the newspaper. It’s pretty frustrating on my end, and I’m sure it is on yours as well]

*** Just a question regarding an ad (or announcement) regarding protect our jobs in friday June 7 edition. What the heck are they referring to? [Editor’s Note: That’s a great question! I don’t have an answer. It was a paid ad, from a fellow who came in and wanted to get that message to the public. I couldn’t tell you what jobs we are supposed to be protecting or who we are protecting them from]

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