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Pair arrested after escaping Cross County Jail

Pair arrested after escaping  Cross County Jail



escaped inmates from the Cross County jail were caught overnight and are now in custody.

According to a Facebook post from the Cross County Sheriff, Greg Farmer was spotted just before midnight and fled on foot off of CR 7-47. The Cross County Sheriff’s department set up a perimeter with the assistance of St. Francis county deputies and began a search. Both Farmer and Austin Dooley were located and placed into custody around 1:35 a.m.

without incident after locating them separately in the woods.

They are both back in the Cross County Jail.

Two people, Stephanie Henderson and Carl Ellis, were already in custody in connection with helping the two inmates escape from the Cross County Jail Monday morning. According to Cross County Sheriff David West, around 2:30 a.m. Monday morning, they broke into the jail to help Farmer and Dooley escape.

Farmer is in jail for kidnapping, aggravated robbery and other charges. Dooley is in jail for a possession of a controlled substance and several moving violations.

Sheriff West said more arrests are expected in connection with this case.

Arkansas State Police and the U.S. Marshal’s Office are assisting in the search.



historic flooding over the past several weeks, the Arkansas River at Van Buren was at 22.54 ft, considered “minor flood stage,” and falling. It is forecast to fall out of flood stage by Friday, June 14.

Similar readings were noted at Ozark, forecast to drop out of flood stage by Thursday, June 13; Dardanelle out of flood stage as of June 11; Morrilton and Toad Suck, both forecast to drop below flood stage by Wednesday, June 12.

By the weekend, the the Arkansas River at Pine Bluff and Pendleton, at 35.51 feet and still considered to be in “major flood stage” but falling, It is forecast to drop below flood stage, no later than Sunday, June 16.

Near catastrophic flooding occurred all along the

Arkansas River. The port of

Fort Smith and nearby businesses are severely flooded.

Several residential subdivisions around Fort Smith are flooded. Backwater flooding occurs in the trailer parks next to Lee Creek. This exceeds conditions which occurred on May 5, 1990, when the river crested at 36.1 feet.

Backwater flooding occurred in the trailer parks next to Lee Creek. Some residential subdivisions around Fort Smith are still flooded. This will match or exceed 2015 flood levels, when the river crested at 34.63 feet. This remains an extremely dangerous and life threatening situation.


Gov. Hutchinson attends inaugural National Computer Science Summit

LITTLE ROCK — Governor Asa Hutchinson announced today that his office hosted the first-ever National Computer Science Summit for State Leaders in Arkansas on June 10 from 9 a.m. until 2 p.m.

This invitation-only event included representatives from 26 states, including Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds, and other national and international leaders in the field of computer-science education for discussion of issues such as academic standards, teacher training, budgets, and development of computer-science education policy.

“This summit is the logical next step for Arkansas as we continue to be a national leader in computer-science education,” Hutchinson said.

Hutchinson has promoted the expansion of computer-science education, starting with his signature on Arkansas Act 187, which required all the state’s public and charter high schools to offer a course in computer coding. The state has continued to broaden access to students K-12.

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