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Nothing wrong with earning your entitlements


You ever notice, Ralph, how our holier-than-thou liberal politicians enjoy spending our hard earned tax dollars and pandering to the senseless desires of the freeloaders and slackers among us?

I somewhat enjoyed reading the other day how Arkansas Sen. Joyce Elliott, D-Little Rock, one of the most liberal politicians in Little Rock, make a total spectacle of herself by throwing a childish tantrum over a measure that would finally make recipients of government subsidized food stamps find a job.

It completely exposed just far politicians like Elliott will go to defend wasteful government subsidies that recipients have been taking full advantage of for generations with absolutely no encouragement to become self-sufficient.

Now Ralph, I know there are those Arkansans among us who, for various reasons, are simply unable to totally take care of themselves and desperately need a helping hand.

But, let’s face the fact, as you will know right here in Crittenden County the disgusting number of freeloaders who have learned over the years how to take full advantage of government handouts. And, in doing so, receive free or subsidized housing, free food stamps, free health care, free cell phones, free daycare for their children they can’t afford and more.

Adding all these tax funded freebies up amounts to probably more money than you EARN working your tail off to raise a family, educate your children and be a positive asset to Crittenden County.

I, along with others like me, would certainly like to know just exactly how you feel working has hard as you do to be a respectable member of our community to know your tax dollars are being wasted on a large population among these welfare recipients who enjoy the generous benefits and have absolutely no intention of making something positive of themselves.

Now then, let me expand upon this public display of irrational behavior that occurred the other day when 29 senators voted in favor of this work requirement. There were nine senators who voted against this plan, all of whom I suspect are registered Democrats.

This measure will require about 50,000 “able-bodied” food stamp recipients to participate in an employment and training program. The requirement will apply to those younger than 60 who either have no dependents or whose children are at least 6.

Elliott immediately created a heated exchange with the bill’s Senate sponsor, Sen. Scott Flippo, R-Bull Shoals and repeatedly question Flippo about areas of the state where employment opportunities are scarce.

The response to that ridiculous question was simply that these individuals just might have to get up off their duff and relocate to somewhere in Arkansas that does have better job opportunities.

The good thing about this measure is that it doesn’t require a federal waiver which would create delays and federal approval.

Elliott, not ready to give up on her tirade, typical of the liberal she is, made the statement that no one wakes up one day and decides he wants to be poor but Ralph they do wake up realizing they don’t have to work when you and I have to give up our hard earned money to pay for all the government freebies they take full advantage of.

Why should they want to work when they make more not working Ralph? I have to paraphrase President Ronald Reagan by saying, “The greatest form of welfare is a job.”

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