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Are you ready for Easter weekend?

Are you ready for Easter weekend?


Times Outdoor Columnist We know that Jesus loved fishermen. Many of His disciples were fishermen.

He fed the multitudes with a little boy’s two fish. He said, “Put the nets on the other side of the boat,” and the net could not hold the catch. Most important, He said, “Follow me and I will make you a fishers of men.” Because Jesus is on the fishermen’s side, we have had several very nice days of fishing weather leading into Easter Sunday.

Don’t push your luck. Go to church on Sunday and fish next week.

The pretty warm days has helped the fishermen with both bass and crappie becoming more active. With the full moon approaching, it will get better. Fish, especially bream, tend to spawn on a full moon and the fishing is always best the week going in this time. It seems like fishing always gets better after Easter.

The old timers said, “Don’t plant your garden till after Easter, otherwise, the devil will get it!” True??? It is true about fishing.

The first report of taking a gobbler comes from Connie Robinson of Horseshoe Lake. She called in and killed a “boss” gobbler with a 12 inch beard and weighing 26 pounds. That is a big bird! Connie is an accomplished hunter and fisherwoman. She has her own deer stand and took a very nice buck this last season. She even baits her own hook and takes her fish off. Connie is married to Bert Robinson and they enjoy hunting and fishing together.

Easter is almost here and baby chicks and Easter bunnies have always been poplar. If you are looking for a bunny or chick, call Rain Creekmore at The Willow Stone. The number is 901-949-2212 or 901- 292-8753 and they live in the Proctor area.

Last Saturday night, friends of Pat and Nancy Bonds gathered at the High Water Landing to celebrate Pat’s 21st plus birthday.

In spite of the heavy rain, about 200 friends enjoyed terrific fish, hush puppies, and all the trimmings. They really know how to put a celebration on! The Bonds are long time residents of Horseshoe Lake and it is through their generosity there is a free public ramp on the lake.

Horseshoe is still high but crappie and bass fishermen are doing better in the Happy Jack area where the fish have moved into the shallows in preparation to spawn. Wapanocca is settling into shape and nice crappie are being caught on minnows and jigs. A few bream are being caught as a by product of jig fishing for the crappie. Bear Creek is clear but the fishing is hit and miss, with good days producing some very nice crappie and medium sized bass. The few bream that are caught tend to be small. Bar pits, private ponds, and small lakes are the best producers but the frequent rains and high winds keep the water unsettled and murky. Tilden Rodgers Lake is usually a very poplar place on the weekend with many fishermen and walkers. This last Sunday, due to cold and rain, it was deserted. It is due to be restocked as the remaining fish are smart and hard to catch. The lake is popular because it’s easy for people to catch enough catfish for supper and a good place to teach the kids how to fish.

Congratulations to Bobby Wheeler for being the winner in his battle with cancer and for winning the bass tournament at Pickwick Lake. Six other Crittenden County anglers also fished in the tourney enduring rain and wind.

Vernon Max brought in the biggest crappie of the year for Lakeside to mount. The white crappie weighed 3-1/2 pounds and was 18 inches long. The monster fish was caught in a small private pond in the county using a live minnow.

Load that kid in the truck and take off to the lake and the turkey woods. Lakeside Taxidermy needs some trophies to mount. We are fast, reasonably priced, and do a great job. Lakeside Taxidermy is now on Facebook and we welcome our friends. Take plenty of pictures and send them along with the stories to Papa Duck. We need questions for the game warden, so let me hear from you. May the Easter Bunny visit your home. This is a wonderful time of year!

Papa Duck Lakeside Taxidermy 870-732-0455 or 901-4823430

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