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My suggestion for a new silly sounding but actually sensible law. If you are walking a dog you must have a bag with you, preferably paper, to dispose of any doggie-doos. I see too many people ignore their pet’s smelly contribution to the environment. A significant fine could be used to fund animal rescue and protection organizations. [Editor’s Note: A lot of municipalities have “pooper-scooper” laws on the books. I searched (using a whole lot of terms I wasn’t thrilled to have in my search history) all over for any state, county or local ordinances that would apply to folks living around here and did not find anything but “leash law” ordinances and weird rules about the “storage and use” of “animal or human excrement, ” so thanks for sending me on that wild goose chase. Why would you even WANT to store or use that? Lawn fertilizer? I can’t even…] So much gang activity and so many shootings it’s sad. This is not the West Memphis I grew up in!

[Editor’s Note: While I certainly agree with you that the community is dealing with some serious issues, especially in regard to violent crime, it’s worth noting that you might be looking back at the past with rose-colored glasses.

Let’s not pretend that there was no crime in the community until the last few years. Terrible things have happened everywhere, inclulding West Memphis, for years and years. Just in my lifetime, there was the Robin Hood Hills child murders in 1993, the shooting that led to the dosing of Skate World in 1987, the rape and murder of two elderly women by a 15-year-old in 1985, the shooting death of State Trooper Glen Bailey in 1980. I’m not trying to discount the urgent need to address gang violence in West Memphis. I’m just saying that there has never been a place and time where any community hasn’t had to deal with crime] If he’s not guilty, why did he already admit to it?

[Editor’s Note: Since we’re playing the pronoun game, I’m going to have to guess this is in regard to Freddy Williams pleading not guilty to charges that he stole evidence (drugs) from the police lock-up. Look, I’m still pretty saa about that whole deal, ana this really looks like it’s just your typical goingthrough- the-system legal rigamaroll while his lawyer works out a deal with the prosecutor. Don’t be surprised if come August, he changes his plea to guilty of some lesser charge as part of a plea deal It’s not favoritism or anything. That’s just the way the system works. His days as a police officer are likely over though. It’s just a sad deal all around, really]

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