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West Memphis gets new sanitation supervisors

West Memphis gets new sanitation supervisors



City revamping trash services with new leadership in department

Robbie Amos and Charles Clark took on roles as city sanitation superintendents beginning in April. West Memphis Public Works Commission Chairwoman Lorraine Robinson invoked seeing is believing as she expressed hopes that improvements in sanitation under new leadership would be immediately visible to city residents.

“They will be working together to improve the workings of the sanitation department which will in turn improve the quality of life in West Memphis,” said Robinson.

Charles Clark stepped up from Parks Superintendent after 17 years with the city to head residential solid waste service. He stated his intentions to both the Public Works Commission and to city council.

City Council heard Clark, also a pastor, preach a turnaround for the sanitation department which has suffered a lack luster image.

Over the past year worker related injury rates, accident and property damage incidents and slow debris removal have irritated city customers.

“I’m glad to be a part of a winning city and a winning team,” said Clark. “We are out to make the city better and to make the sanitation department better. We want to give it a positive image.

We hit the ground running this week.”

Extending the Rubicon sanitation analysis program is in negotiation with the city attorney and the company. The tool has uncovered inefficiency on the collection of residential trash and garbage and could prove useful to point to more service improvements if an agreement is reached.

Amos took her promotion from within the sanitation department and now in charge of the Commercial Dumpster and Environmental Services. No more will crews be sitting down after two trips to the landfi ll each day. Workers will shift to policing litter under Amos after daily routes finish.

“I’ve had 19 years in sanitation and learned a whole lot about the city,” said Amos. “I have learned how the sanitation works and does not work. I want to work with the mayor to make our city greater and better.”

Amos is charged with selling commercial Dumpster service in the city.

Mayor Marco McClendon had noted in other meetings that something must be wrong with the city Dumpster service when businesses opted for more expensive private trash hauling. “I am here to bring new business,” said Amos. “I want go with the mayor’s dream for a better city.”

Mayor Marco McClendon capped the introductions with an affirmation for Clark and Amos.

“The city could not have made finer choices to fill these positions,” said Mc-Clendon.

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