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Kentucky murder suspect arrested in West Memphis

Kentucky murder suspect arrested in West Memphis


Kentucky murder suspect arrested in West Memphis

Police get more than they bargained with man on the run with child

West Memphis Police officers responding to a call of a man standing in traffic on the North Service Road led to an arrest of a Kentucky man with a strange story on Saturday afternoon.

“The call was for the area near the welcome center,” said Langston. “We eventually found him in the gas station just adjacent to the

Mohamud Abdikadir

welcome center.”

That was when 21-yearold Mohamud Abdikadir of Henderson, Kentucky began with his bizarre confession.

“He said he watched his significant other commit suicide,” said Langston.

“He told our officers he moved her body before leaving to come here.”

Investigators here relayed the story to Henderson Kentucky Police who went to the Abdikadir apartment to find the woman, Chloe Abdikadir, 20, dead in a closet in their apartment.

“They used the information from the suspect and our officers and got a search warrant for the apartment,” said Langston. “They found her body and issued a warrant for tampering with physical evidence for moving the body. He is currently at the Crittenden County Jail awaiting extradition.”

Abdikadir’s story did not add up to what investigators found in the apartment and a weekend autopsy determining the cause of death as blunt force trauma to the back of the head and a cut to the neck.

“All indication was they believed it to be a homicide,” said Langston. “The easiest warrant they could get without further cooperative statements was tampering with physical evidence and they can get him extradited for that and make further interviews.

“If he waives extradition he can go there after a court appearance here. If he does not waive extradition they will have to get the governor’s warrant to get him back.”

Abdikadir had a ninemonth- old child with him when police found him at the gas station.

“We called in a Department of Human Services and they have custody of the child as of this weekend,” said Langston.

By John Rech

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