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“The One”

“The One”


“The One”

Time in the Word By Clayton Adams

In all my various occupations there has always been someone of whom I could ask questions and get answers, solutions or guidance.

Working in a shipyard in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin, I worked with welders, pipefitters, stagers, grinders, carpenters — anyone of which had the ability to solve work related issues. I gravitated to a man whose nickname was “Flypaper.”

He was so named because when you spoke with him, he would get very close to you — he seemed to always be stock to whoever he was speaking with. He was the union representative and could be trusted for a direct answer to work related questions.

Teaching at a local college, I found one person who could always help with IT issues. I shared an office with a woman whom I greatly admire, appreciate and respect for her sense of humor and skills at managing the “red-tape” and burdensome requirements.

This freed me to teach.

Every place of business has at least one person that has the experience and knowledge to help with whatever the problem is. I like to call this person “The One.” Sometimes the one is hard to find, but somewhere, often hidden, there is “The One” who can help. Over the years, God has raised up George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, General Eisenhower, Martin Luther King, Jr., Ida B. Wells and others who proved to be “The One” for their time.

These are folks God raised up to guide our country, challenge our beliefs, raise our awareness and change

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our ways.

Of all the religions of the world, there is only “One” who claims to have risen from the dead and promises salvation (eternal life) through faith.

Islam is the worlds’ second religion with just over twenty-four percent of the worlds’ population identifying as Muslims. In Islam, one faithfully adheres to the five pillars; declaration of faith, ritual prayer (five times a day), giving 2.5 percent of one’s wealth to the poor and needy, fasting, and if possible, traveling to Mecca to visit the Ka’bah, thought to have been built by Abraham of the Old Testament. However, being faithful to the five pillars is no guarantee for entry into heaven.

Judaism started with Abraham. God made a promise to Abraham to make him and his descendants His people. From the promise in Genesis 3:15 of a Savior, to the promise made to Abraham in Genesis chapter 15 that he would have a son from whom the Savior would come from, these were promises made by God.

Jews are still waiting for their Savior, their promised One.

Hinduism is very different from most other religions as it has no founder or date of origin.

The Vedas, (the oldest sacred writings) date back to about 1,500 years before Christ. Hinduism is the belief in one supreme being, Brahman, revealed in many gods and goddesses.

Karma, (action or deed) is the belief that what one does in this life impacts the next life, for good or bad.

Life is either a reward or punishment for your previous life.

Christians follow the Christians believe that to enter heaven, one must ask Christ to forgive their sin and as Jesus said, must be “born-again” (John 3:7).

Living a life for Christ includes but is not limited to; The Golden Rule, (Matthew 7:12), Confessing Jesus as Lord, (Romans 10:9-10), and, forgiving others as Christ has forgiven our sin, (Matthew 6:15).

To Christians, Jesus Christ is “The One” Who can save, guide and keep us.

I believe, Jesus is the only way to heaven. Neither I or anyone else will enter heaven except by the blood of Christ, it is a gift of grace from God through His Son Jesus (Ephesians 2:8-9). Christ has completed all the work needed for everyone to have eternal life and enter heaven. As Jesus said while hanging on the Cross, “It is finished” (John 19:30). With Jesus’ resurrection, He took back the keys to death, hell and the grave taken by Satan, the great liar in the Garden of Eden.

I believe that with all my failures, indiscretions and human frailties, Jesus Christ is “The One” for me. Who is “The One” in your life?

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