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Text The Times.

As to the $15 trash trailer, yes we have dropped a bag or two, but our drivers come back the same route to check, if they see anything they stop and clean it up. They have not reported any dropped bags in 2 months. “Interesting” By the way where is all this trash? PICTURES?? OUR NUMBER IS ON THE TRAILER – CALL US IF THERE IS A PROBLEM. Remember not all the trash on the road is from us. Or maybe our competitor is feeling the heat and trying to make us look bad. However we do want to THANK YOU for your write up as it has brought us 5 new customers who really do like Our new rates. — THE DASTARDLY DUDE [ Editor’s Note: I’m going to assume by your use of the words “ we” and “ us” that this is from “ Mr. $ 15 Trash Trailer” himself. Anyway, as long as you ( or anyone else) wants to make a few bucks picking up trash, I say go for it… assuming you have all the necessary permits and such and obey all the laws and regulation pertaining to this sort of business.

So, I can’t say that I have personally witnessed any of these nefarious activities, but I also don’t know why anyone would make this up. Although someone has a theory…]

*** The multiple coincidental complaints about the 15 garbage service at horseshoe lake are not authentic complaints. The msg’s are of that mkt becoming more competitive.

[ Editor’s Note: I did not know trash collection was such a competitive market in this area. It’s not for lack of trash, that’s for sure]

*** I see a lot of rhetoric on the opinion page about climate change. It seems to indicate that anyone who does not believe in climate change is a dunce. Is there anyone out there that does not believe that the climate changes? The real question is whether mankind can have a significant effect on it. There is no proof that we can even after spending trillions on it and if we can, it would be minor and insignificant.

[ Editor’s Note: Wait… on OUR opinion page? Outside of a couple of cartoons tied into the recent hurricanes, I can’t think of any “ rhetoric” that we’ve had on climate change. But to address your questions, human impact on the environment is undeniable. From deforestation to air polution to the endangering of numerous species around the planet, humans have undoubtedly impacted the environment in a negative way. Does that impact extend to actually changing the climate? Those that say yes contend that human activities are largely responsible for an increase in temperature around the globe, primarily due to carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions. This increase in temperature is leading to changes in where crops can grow and where certain fish or animals can be found — all vital for feeding an increasing human population. Those that say no contend that man’s influence on the global is minimal and that whatever changes are taking place are part of the Earth’s natural ever- shifting climate patterns. There is no doubt that currently overall global temperatures are rising and this rise in global temperatures is definitely causing glaciers to melt, releasing water that causes sea levels to rise and threaten coastal communities and economies that rely on coastal resources. While there is no definitive proof that this is a man- made phenomenon, there is also no definitive proof that it isn’t, and there are very smart people on both sides of the argument. Just to clarify, no one has spent trillions on the subject. The actual number, as of 2016, was about $ 108 billion. Now granted, that’s still a lot of money, but I’ll paraphrase the great philosopher Batman and say, “ If we believe there's a one percent chance that humaninfluenced climate change is real, we have to take it as an absolute certainty.” That guy is a billionare, so surely he knows what he’s talking about]

*** How you doin? Hi! [ Editor’s Note: Umm… Whazzup?]

*** There has to be a law about raw sewage pouring out into the parking lot at wal-mart all the time. Can’t be sanitary.

[ Editor’s Note: According to my sources ( Arkansas Code), “ It is an offense for a person to unlawfully dispose of water carrying human waste, household or business waste, or to pipe or transmit raw sewage or the effluent from any septic tank or other system of any type, into or on public or private property.” Having said that, I’m up at the Walmarts all the time, and I can’t recall having to maneuver around any raw sewage]


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