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Is America becoming more like that man?

Is America becoming more like that man?


Is America becoming more like that man?

Local Commentary Right now you are probably wondering… who this man is and who can he possibly be talking about now? You could be thinking, is it the man down at the grocery store? Or maybe the one at the service station? Or maybe that man at the car wash that uses such bad language?

Or maybe that doctor that performs so many abortions every year working hard to keep up his average because of all that great money he makes?

Here is a word to the doctor… you will never make enough to buy your way out of that fire-filled hole that you are headed to.

Well I'm going to get into telling you all about that man in just a short while, but first I want to tell you a few things that he used to do and most of them were very detrimental to his very being and welfare.

Now the Bible doesn't tell a lot about his every day life and what kind of man he was and how he lived his life before he took on this mess that he ended up in. But I think — and let me say right here I can't prove what I think but give me a little time and see if you're thinking is anything like mine — this man was probably just an ordinary man, sort of like you and me and just lived an everyday life like you and me, but remember I said I was just guessing here.

Then one day he left a door open in his life and we don't know at what age he did that but because of that hardened heart that our good friend Adam passed on to all of us from the Garden of Eden. Then one day thinking that it was no big deal like a lot of us do today, he let someone in that was very bad for him, and then he took him down a road that maybe America is also going down that same road and from every thing that I see almost every day that I get out of my house and go somewhere it looks like it will end up the same way only as a country and not just a man.

When you let these people and acts get into that heart then it won’t be long that you will be thinking it's not as bad as some people think it is as I have been told. I want to tell you a story from the bible that tells all about this man and just how far he had come since he willfully let these boarders into his heart to live.

Now in this story, I want to start out by showing you just how much power that Jesus has over this whole world when he needs to have it and sometimes he shows us by the very things that he does.

Now Jesus was on this ship and a great storm came up probably like all these hurricanes that we are reading so much about today. Any way the water was raging with huge waves and the wind was blowing at a speed that seemed to never stop, but Jesus being who he is spoke a few words and told it to be still and be at peace and the waves went completely still and the wind stop blowing all at once and this made all the people that was a witness to it marvel at what he had just done.

Then the ship pulled up to the shore in a country by the name of Gergesenes which was not very far from Galilee. Now when he stepped off of the ship he was immediately met by a man that was showing that he needed to have on at least two straight jackets and also wrapped in a long chain, just by the way he was acting, and when Jesus walked up and looked into his eyes it was just like Hell itself was looking right back at Jesus.

Now I think that a lot of the world is headed in the same direction that this man was in and especially America and I also believe that if this man had knew all the vulgar language that we here in America know and use everyday and almost everywhere then I believe he would have been pouring it out because I think that most of that language that we use today was brought from Hell itself.

But anyway, he was just acting so crazy with no stop in sight except for one thing, and that was when he looked deep into the eyes of Jesus he knew at that moment that he was looking at the very eyes of God himself. It kind of reminded me of the thief on the cross when he told Jesus to remember him but Jesus able to look into his heart told him you are going with me to paradise.

Now this wild man was so over the top that he only lived among the tombs of the graveyard and he was so out of it that he would take sharp stones and cut himself all over and this would make blood just pour out of his body. Now this man at sometime in his early life was just a I believe regular man, but he was one that by some of the things that he had done caused a crack in him just big enough for old Satan to slip one of his demons in and this started the ball rolling to end up with many demons to be installed in him.

But as I was saying, he looked deep into the eyes of Jesus and the demons started to scream and just go crazy inside this man because they knew that they were dealing with God and they knew immediately that this man Jesus had total power over their god and Master Satan and then the begging started.

They started off by telling him what their name was which happened to be Legion and that it was the name used by all the demons that were in the man which were many.

The first thing that they thought was with him being the son of God that he was going to destroy all of them so they begged him to let them go into a herd of pigs that were standing on the side of a hill not to far away eating.

Now one of the things that I want you to see is there were two thousand pigs and if you think like we would think today if two hundred had died it would have been a lot but when the demons entered into the pigs they all ran wild into the water and drowned and that shows just how much power Satan has over a lot of individual people and countries.

That is what I see starting to happen to America with all the things that is happening in everyday life that is the opposite of what God wants for all of us and with people and what they are willing to get used to and not have a lot of problems with any of it and a lot of it comes from Satan himself and it should be scary for America.

But anyway, to get to the end of the story the man after he was cleaned of all the demons went into the city and started to tell people about Jesus and what he had done for him. Now that should be the way that it ends up in America but we know all about the highway to him is broad but only a few will get on that road for him.

My prayer for you is that if you have one of those Satan implants in you that you, like the man from the tombs, will be willing to let him go with the help of the Holy Spirit. God bless you and all your loved ones.

Bill McFerrin is a West Memphis man with some things to say and a certain way of saying them.

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