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More problems with Earle cop car


More problems with Earle cop car

Cruiser out of service since May

The motor is in but now there are electrical problems with an Earle police car which has been down with engine trouble for months.

Road Department Supervisor Nemi Matthews told the city council that he spoke to the mechanic and was told that there is an unknown electrical issue that needs to be resolved before the car will be ready.

“They’re still working on it,” Matthews said. “He said it was an electrical issue and that they were not going to contact us until they see what is going on and until everything is taken care of.”

The car has had a troubled history.

The 2014 Dodge Charger blew an engine rod because it was low on oil due to improper maintenance. The car was bought using federal Justice Assistance Grant money and only had 34,800 miles on it.

Officials in the cashstrapped city originally opted to have the car fixed locally and spent $1,100 to put in a used 2004 motor which proved to not be compatible with the vehicle. The car is a police interceptor and will only run with a 2012 or newer model engine.

The city got two estimates for new motors for $7,470 from Fletcher Dodge in Jonesboro and $8,543 from Steve Jones Dodge in Wynne.

The council voted to have Fletcher Dodge do the work because the price includes installation and comes with a warranty.

The issue of the car came up again at the November city council meeting because the city received a bill from Fletcher for the work.

“We’re talking about $7,000,” said Councilwoman Jimmie Barham.

The vehicle has been inoperable since last May.

By Mark Randall

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