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Text The Times.

I’m appalled that MHS will allow a child on the court who has been suspended from school last year for starting a 6 girl fight? This child fought administrators and a police officer. I know it happened because I have seen the video. Shouldn’t the homecoming court be held to a higher standard? They do represent the school! Maybe in this day and time MHS should have a set of standards before your name can make the ballot! Just saying that’s a little embarrassing for the school.

[ Editor’s Note: Well, I’ll give you credit — that’s certainly a different approach to the “ how come there aren’t any white girls on the Homecoming court?” complaining I’ve been getting]

*** Council Bryan Jackson said he was working on the overpass for “much needed relief for residents who live on the east side of the railroad tracks in RIVER TRACE”. I hope he is also working for the voters in the doll house subdivision, river west subdivision, St. John’s landing subdivision, and any other poor voter living over here on the OTHER side of the track.

[ Editor’s Note: Well, it’s nice to see that folks actually read those political announcements. I suppose this serves as fair warning to any other candidates to be sure to give a shout- out to every neighborhood in the city rather than focusing on one. Maybe this is some sort of microcosm of that “ at- large” or “ byward” voting issue that was in the paper recently?]

*** Anyone on social security take note. There will be a small increase in your check next year. Some where between 2 to 6 dollars. But Medicare will go up and 1 out of 3 people will have to pay over 25 dollars a month more. So don’t be surprised if the amount of your check goes down. No increase last year and then this year. The Federal Reserve Bank says that there is no inflation and will not raise interest rates. If you shop any at all you know that there has been a significant increase in the cost of almost everything. Sounds like the Obama administration has been cooking the books in order to protect the stock market and keep it from dropping. Way to go. FED, Obama and Democrats. Love the way you look out for senior citizens. [ Editor’s Note: I can’t quite put my finger on it, but something in this makes me think you are being sarcastic toward the end]

*** Everyone was up in arms over the old hospital being turned into a women’s prison but I haven’t heard them complaining lately, huh? Guess it wasn’t so bad after all [ Editor’s Note: Funny you should mention it, but they just had a ribbon cutting ceremony for the Community Corrections facility Monday morning, and we’ll have coverage from that event in tomorrow’s paper. But yes, things are going fine there]

*** Most difficult sudoku ever in Oct. 12th edition…said no one ever since the solution was already filled in

[ Editor’s Note: All I can really say is, “ Dang!” Well, here’s a bonus Sudoku to make up for it. The solution is on Page 7, so no peeking…]


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