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Text The Times.

Text The Times.


Text The Times.

Just wanted to say I started reading the online edition of the paper and it is very convenient and easy to use. My husband works out of town often and he can still get the paper. Well worth it!!! [ Editor’s Note: While I still like a real “ paper” paper ( and a real paper book, too), it’s pretty clear that digital media is the future of our business. I know not everyone has access to the Internet and not everyone is tech savvy, but it really is a handy tool. And the next wave is already here. If you’ve never seen the Amazon Echo with Alexa in action, let me assure you it is pretty awesome. It’s like Apple’s Siri on steroids… and it will read the news to you!]

*** Hallelujah! The our view ‘white side’ was spot on! Congratulations! [ Editor’s Note: I thought the content of the editorial was something that needed to be said. I’m not sure congratulations are in order, but it is important to know that the loudest voice isn’t always the right voice, and that as cliche as it has become, all lives do matter]

*** In response to the 7/21 article on West Memphis Utilities – Thanks Todd Pedersen for the possibility of online bill paying. Commissioners should think outside the box. $$ is worth more than the pictures. The folks using the site are already familiar with West Memphis or would have no use to visit it. Also, Pics of Memphis show our proximity to a major city which can be a plus for development.

[ Editor’s Note: I can see both sides of this particular coin. If I were a West Memphis Utilities customer, I don’t think I would care at all what the pictures on the web site were of, I just want to keep the guy in the truck from turning off my lights. On the other hand, if I’m paying someone to design a web page for me, I feel like if he wants a check from me, he needs to put the pictures on my web page that I want]

*** Dear editor, I appreciated how you handled the article the threats on the pit bulls owners. I’m not a terrible person, but I already called the police, and they said they couldn’t help me. I always try to handle things myself. I tried to communicate with everyone such as the police, animal control and other important people. I’m here suffering by being a lupus patient and I’ve had two strokes previously. And I don’t want to have another one over this mess. I’m calming down slowly. I would like to ask editor, shouldn’t we have a place to carry our animals, when the vets are unavailable? No one could help Rusty. Sometimes animals get injured on weekends. The animal control told me to put Rusty in the house so the flies won’t blow him. It was from Saturday until Monday that Rusty suffered, before he could get help. What do you suggest? Thank you very much.

[ Editor’s Note: Again, sorry about your situation, but if after- hours care is needed, the Animal Health Center lists phone number, 870- 739- 3382, offering contact instructions for Dr. Bell. Also, if you have the means to get there, PetMed Emergency Center is located at 830 N. Germantown Pkwy., in Cordova. Their number is ( 901) 624- 9002]

*** What I really, really like with Pastor Clayton Adams is that he connects people of all kinds. I enjoy reading his words. Although I am not religious myself, there is always something interesting to think about in his words that is useful and valid for everybody, wherever you come from or whatever your personal beliefs are, something that connects. We need more charismatic personalities like him. [ Editor’s Note: When Pastor Adams first sent me a column to consider for publication, I assumed it was a one- off thing. Then he sent me another… and another. They are a good read, and I’m glad he keeps sending them to me. And as long as he does, I’ll keep running them]


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