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Maybe the answer is really simple?

Maybe the answer is really simple?


Maybe the answer is really simple?

Local Commentary With everything that is going on today, with someone shot and killed here and police officers shot and killed there, it makes the divide seem to get farther apart everyday.

I have tried to really take a deep look at the over all situations and the thing that I come up with is we are a nation of laws (“render unto Caesar”), and as long as someone is willing to break the laws, then it will only get worse.

I know that you have heard the saying that no one is above the law, but after the year-long investigation that we just went through with one of our politicians, and it looked like according to all the facts (and there were plenty of them) that they were guilty with out a doubt, but at the end of the day, it was proved that there are some that are above the law, and that makes the divide even more so.

The very one at the top, as well as all the other leaders in Washington, should be the ones that show all of the American people that lawlessness will not be tolerated, but they are the very ones that stand behind all sorts of lawlessness in the country today.

The simple answer is to obey the law. Now let me say this: I know that there are bad people in our society and most of that is because of that hard heart, and that includes the ones that are out there to apply the law, but for the vast, vast majority of them, they only want the very best for you and them and for their family. They want us to be safe, and because they are out there everyday to make sure we are all safe and to catch the ones that would break the laws of our land, that is one of the reason that our prisons are at full capacity in most states.

I know what you are thinking, that in some cases they break the law themselves, and I'm all for making them pay the price just like anyone else, but percentagewise the number is so very small overall, and if the law tells you not to speed, and just because you car has a speedometer that goes all the way up to 120, doesn't mean you can go that fast.

If we would all just take a look around everyday as we go through life, you would see time and time again how many laws are being broken — some small and insignificant, but also some major. Now let me say that a big portion of these broken laws are broken because we have a tendency to listen to the ruler of this world and not the one that rules heaven.

And right along here, don't start going down a road that might be in a joking manner on me and think that I'm talking about jaywalking, because you know that I'm talking about the much deeper problem of a hard heart that refuses to let in the teaching of the one up above.

Just stop and think about all those that come across our border and slip into our country. That act alone tells you that all of those are breaking our laws. Then you have cities all over the country that break the law every day by taking care of and hiding all of these lawbreakers, and the ones at the top know about it but are unwilling to do anything about it. That makes them lawbreakers too.

What I'm trying to say is, if you get stopped for speeding or running a stop sign or a number of other things, don't make a conspiracy out of it, thinking that the only reason that you were stopped was because you are tall or short or any other type of thinking that you might come up with.

I'm what would be considered an old man being in my mid-to-late 70s, even though the editor called me an elderly gentleman and my head kind of swelled a little with that one, but if I was stopped every other day going to Walmart, I would still be as polite as I could, because it tells me that police officer is on the job, and that makes me feel a little safer. You have probably heard the saying that if you are not guilty of anything then the stop won’t bother you.

But let me say The bottom line is I think that because of America turning her back on the very God that made sure that we all have a chance to get past this life and gave us a way to go into the next one to live in total peace and harmony for all eternity, with no laws to ever be broken again. God can still straighten all of this out and make us a light to be seen by the rest of the world.

My own personal feeling is we will continue to refuse to do that because we have gotten to a place where the very things that we do that are against God are now comfortable for us, and so to go the other way won’t be an easy task for America and I just don't see that happening.

But anyway, whatever happens, I know without a doubt in my mind where I'm going when I leave here, and the same thing can happen for you if you are willing to accept it. God bless you and yours.

Bill McFerrin is a West Memphis man with some things to say and a certain way of saying them.

By Bill McFerrin

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