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‘ You can help some people and some you can’t’

‘ You can help some people and some you can’t’


‘ You can help some people and some you can’t’

No patience for repeat offenders in Judge Thorne’s courtroom

A man in jail with a felony charge was told by Judge Fred Thorne, “You have a 1st degree homicide charge. Where do you live?”


“Is your mother or father here?”


“Do you have a job?”

“No, sir. My momma is at home.”

“Go see the public defender.”

A woman with a felony charge was asked, “When were you here the last time?”

“1990 something, no it was 2004.”

“She was forging her mother’s check,” said someone at the lawyer’s desk.

“No, that wasn’t it,” said the defendant.

“Where do you live?”

asked Judge Thorne “Blytheville with my fiancé.”

“How long has he been your fiancé?”

“One year. He was supposed to be here with my attorney.”

“You might want to reconsider that word fiancé. Go see the public defender.”

To a man stretching and yawning in the courtroom Judge Thorne said, “Did you get up early today? Do I need to give you three days to rest up?”

A man in jail who was charged with no proof of insurance was asked how he pled.

“No contest.”

“How do you plead to failure to appear?”

“I just forgot about the 13th.”

“Stop! The second person I called up. What do you have to do before talking?”

“Enter a plea!” called out the galley.

“Sit down!”

A woman charged with public intoxication pled guilty.

“How come the police told you to go back inside and you didn’t do it?”

“I was getting me some ice.”

“What for? And don’t say sweet tea.”


“The Budget Inn told you to leave.”

“They didn’t tell me to leave.”

“Where do you live?”

“The Budget Inn.”

“I don’t think they want you there anymore. $250 plus court costs.”

A man charged with theft of five 30-packs of beer was told to see the public defender.

A man in jail charged with public intoxication pled no contest.

“How much did you have to drink?”

“Just a swallow.”

“What was this about a phone that only calls 911?

The report says you flagged the police down and told them you were ‘trying to buy some marijuana.’ Then you said you got in a car with someone who threatened to kidnap you. $250

Judge Fred Thorne plus court costs.”

Another man charged with theft was called up at the jail.

“Were you with that other guy that stole the beer?”


“Go talk to the public defender.”

A woman in jail was charged with disorderly conduct and pled no contest.

“Whose window was that that you busted out?”

“I knocked on the door and the window was already busted.”

“You sprayed another woman with pepper spray then broke the window?”

“We was angry and got into it. I was just trying to leave.”

“$500 plus court costs and 15 days jail. Don’t worry about leaving now.”

A man in the courtroom was charged with theft and pled no contest.

“Why did you steal the freezer?”

“I didn’t.”

“I’ll change your plea to not guilty. Give him a trial date.”

A man was in for a review. The man in charge of the Justice Network said, “He’s doing good.”

“All you women! He’s not working. This is just the type of man you all go for.” “Do you have a car?”


“Do you have a driver’s license?”

“No. My driver’s license has been suspended.”

“Where is you girlfriend?” “I don’t know.”

“Out of sight, out of mind. She probably has a new man by now.”

The two men in jail charged with theft were called back up.

“What do you say to having stolen five cases of beer?”

Both pled no contest.

One man spoke up, “He didn’t have anything to do with it, your honor. I took the beer and he was just in my car.”

“$2,500 fine and one year in jail. I’ll dismiss the charges on the other guy.

Jail the appeal bond on the first man is $25,000.”

A man in the courtroom was charged with no seat belt and no insurance. He pled not guilty to both charges.”

“Put his trial date on Tuesday. Either you had insurance or not. His appeal bond will be set at $12,500. Judge Blackman will be here that day and he puts people in jail who don’t

have insurance. You see, this man comes in here all the time. He just doesn’t

care. You can help some people and some you can’t. I have dealt with his grandfather. I have dealt with his father. Now I am having to

deal with him.”

By the Evening Times News Staff

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