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WM drive-by leaves 4 injured

WM drive-by leaves 4 injured


WM drive-by leaves 4 injured

Police investigating Tuesday night gunfire exchange West Memphis Police are investigating a drive-by shooting that left four people injured. The incident took place near the intersection of 13th Street and Tyler Avenue Tuesday evening.

According to reports, a shootout occurred between one group standing on the street and another group inside a car. The two groups exchanged gunfire, during which the four victims were shot.

One of the victims was reported in serious condition. The other three’s injuries were not described as lifethreatening. All four were taken to the Regional One Medical Center in Memphis for treatment.

Authorities say they have

one person in custody in realtion to the incident, with addiditional arrests possibly pending. The investigation is currently ongoing, and police have not released a motive at this time.

By Ralph Hardin

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