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Local AHP trio completes training

Local AHP trio completes training


Local AHP trio completes training

Officers among class of Black River LETA graduates Congratulations are in order for a trio of local law enforcement personnel.

Joseph Beggs, Josh Graves and Oakley Vanderlinden of the Arkansas Highway Police were among a class of 53 officers who successfully completed Basic Police Training Course 2016-A recently at the Black River Technical College Law Enforcement Training Academy in Pocahontas, Arkansas.

The 13-week, 577-hour course, which began back in January of this year, included instruction in standard police tactics, firearms, legal, educational, technical skills, and practical exercises.

In each course, emphasis is placed upon the officers achieving excellence in both academic subjects and firearms training. Each officer must maintain an academic score of at least 70 percent on each examination, and consistently fire with a minimum of 80-percent accuracy during their needs,” said Mulhern.

“The expansion at West Memphis is just one more example of our ongoing commitment to customers.”

firearms training exercises to successfully complete all phases of the course.

Graduation was this past Saturday afternoon, April 15, at the Randolph County Development Center on the campus of Black River Technical College in Pocahontas.

By Ralph Hardin

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