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Are our sanctuary cities protecting someone that would do us harm?

Are our sanctuary cities protecting someone that would do us harm?


Are our sanctuary cities protecting someone that would do us harm?

I just want you to think just a moment about that statement. As I have said before, when we operate on feelings we sometimes put ourselves into bad situations. And I think sanctuary cities are some of those situations.

Let’s take a minute and really look at this question. Now think for a moment if all these people, these socalled poor people, that are just looking for a better life that are on the way to our country by the thousands, come on in and head straight to these sanctuary cities where they can hide out. Whether their intent is good or bad, nothing can be done to check on them as they stay here.

Look at Belgium, where over a million Middle Easterners have come there simply by walking across their border because they refuse to have a fence, and no one seemed to care because they are just good people looking to live their lives the way they want to, although the people of Belgium as well as here will have to put up the money for them to do that. And unless you are living under a rock, I know you have heard about the latest bombing where a lot of innocent people died there (including some Americans). Almost every day, another bombing or murder or abuse of some kind takes place all over Europe, and most of it caused by letting all these so-called refugees “looking for a better life” into their country, without the possibility of vetting any of them. And for the most part, it was because of feelings and political correctness. Now we are looking at the very same thing that is happening there threatening to happen here, as Americans sit idle with our tears and feelings and are willing to let them come on in.

I believe that if we really cared about these people the way we say we do, then we should make a safe zone in their own country and protect that zone by whatever means it takes, because in the end, we will reap the benefits from that situation, but not the one that we are about to bring on ourselves. The last account that I read, there are about 243 cities that claim the status of being a sanctuary city and we as a country of laws can’t even go into these cities and check any of them out in any form, and in a lot of these cases, you had better not ask them if they are a citizen of this country, because now that is grounds for you to be sued — and this includes the police or any other agency, and that order comes all the way from the top in Washington.

So, please don’t try to convince me that all these people that are protected there and the ones headed our way are all just good people. Remember, some of these people just might be coming not for a better life, but to take yours and possibly mine. If we will open up our eyes and take a good look at all of Europe and see what is going on there, then that should raise a red flag on how we should be reacting to this flood of people that are headed our way,and even some that are already here. I believe that if all these thousands that are headed our way were all Christian Baptists (and I know I didn’t mention all the other Christian affiliations so you can insert your affiliation in here) there would be armed guards on the border put there by some of our leaders with orders to shoot on sight. But with the majority of them being anything but Christian the welcome sign is out and this action comes all the way from the top.

Even if you are an atheist that won’t make any difference to a lot of these people because theirs is an ideology of it’s either my way or you die, so when and if it comes down to it, you will be in the same boat as all the rest of us Christians and lovers of the true living God, unless this is the trigger where we hear those words come up hither. And if you are not one of those then you are on your own.

Another thing that saddens me is some of our top leaders think a lot more of some of the countries in the Middle East that want to kill us than they do Israel, and I have said before that won’t sit well with God, so we are doing that at our own risk. So America we had better think through all this stuff that is happening today and start thinking about what we need to be doing that would be pleasing to God, not what will make us feel good as we lay back and light up a joint and chill out and look up to Heaven and say to God, just cool it man, we got it all under control.

I just know that will not sit well with God as tears come down his cheeks as he thinks about his son dying on the cross. But as always, God bless every one of you that reads this and may his blessings be on your house and your loves ones.

Bill McFerrin is a West Memphis resident with some things to say and a certain way of saying them.

Are our sanctuary cities protecting someone that would do us harm?

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