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Sheriff buys Earle PD new duplexor

Sheriff buys Earle  PD new duplexor


Sheriff buys Earle PD new duplexor

Allen chips in 911 funds for city radio equipment

Earle won’t have to spend $2,000 to replace some communications equipment for its police department thanks to Crittenden County Sheriff Mike Allen.

Allen has offered to buy the city a new duplexor using 911 communications funds to help eliminate staticky transmissions and poor radio reception.

A duplexor is an electronic device in a radio communications system which allows the receiver and the transmitter to share a common antenna.

The city’s duplexor is about 15 years old and is only putting out about a eight percent signal that is only reaching about six miles.

The police department is having trouble hearing radio transmissions due to a staticky signal.

City Councilman Kenneth Cross, who also serves on the county Quorum Court, said he approached Allen for help.

In addition to having to replace the duplexor, the cash strapped city is also looking at having to spend $7,000 to replace a motor in one of its police cars.

“The Sheriff has kindly said he will take care if it for the City of Earle,” Cross said.

It’s not the first time Allen has stepped in to help local enforcement upgrade its communications equipment.

The Sheriff’s Department spent about $800 to buy Turrell a vehicular repeater or “Rat Pack” after that city was experiencing radio problems. The unit is a combination radio receiver and transmitter.

“They would get out in the car and it was just scrambled,” Allen said. “It was so staticky you couldn’t hear them talk.”

Allen said he is glad to SHERIFF

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“It’s a safety factor,” Allen said. “They are fine and dandy if they were in downtown Earle. But if they were transferring an inmate to the county jail it won’t reach far enough to send a signal to the sheriff’s department. There is a dead spot. So it got to be a safety factor. We wouldn’t want anybody to get shot.

And the Sheriff’s Department is over communications. So I was glad to help out.”

Allen said in addition to the duplexor unit being old, it appears it may have been damaged in an electrical storm at some point.

“He said it looked like lightning hit it at one time or another,” Allen said.

The cost to replace the unit is about $1,695.

“They have ordered the part, but it takes time to get in,” Cross said. “But whenever they get it they will bring it over and install it.”

“That’s wonderful,” said Councilwoman Jimmie Barham. “I thank him for it.”

By Mark Randall

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