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Maybe winter is the time to think deep about it

Maybe winter is the time to think deep about it


Maybe winter is the time to think deep about it

It seems that during the cold days of winter we would have more time to think about the future of our country and of ourselves, because we just spend more time inside. We can't cut the grass in our yard or plant that garden or plant those pretty flowers by the corner of the house.

So the time you spend drinking that cup coffee or that Coke, take a few minutes and just relax and do some deep inner thinking, along with an open Bible laying in your lap. Just the word of God looking straight up at your face without the TV on, your cell phone ringing or texting, and think about the state of affairs that our nation is slowly slipping into and how far we are getting away from the America that a lot us used to know and how much that we truly cared about her.

It just seems to me that when I look around today, I see a lot of the population that just wants something for nothing or feels like someone owes them something, from a paid college education to what ever you want to put here that you can think of. And I think a lot of that comes from our government — so willing to give to someone that is able-bodied but they just refuse to work — but they still get a big screen TV and a free cell phone and just so much more that I can't even name it here.

I guess the reason that it all seems so odd to me is because I lived through the times where the most important thing to you was an opportunity, and once you got it, then get out of the way because you would be more than willing to take it from there and work hard for what you and your family wanted out of life. I can't remember a time when I blamed anyone for me not having this thing or that thing. I do realize that there are some that really need our help, so I'm not talking about them, but there are millions that are just kicked back and letting someone else bring it to them.

I can never remember a time in my life where just because someone else had a bigger home or a more expensive car that I looked at that as being unfair to me and that someone should give me all that stuff that they had. And I didn't march in the streets to make sure I got it. But that's just me and I know that it is a lot of you out there also.

But that doesn't seem to apply to a lot of people today, and probably to a lot more that are on the way here from no telling where… and bringing no telling what with them. I wonder if all these immigrants have had physical check-ups so that we know for sure that they are not bringing in any health issues that might be bad for us as a nation. As we move on into the new year, we will probably see and experience some things that will make us have to stand up as a nation and make some changes in some things, or maybe we will just lay back and smell the roses and let it happen, and then think about what we should have done when we could have done it.

Let me say by no means am I an alarmist and I'm not like the little boy that cried wolf too many times, but I am, like the bible says, a watcher on the wall looking for anything that would do harm to God's blessing. But a lot of people seem to be so busy with their lives that it all seems to just pass them by and I'm talking mostly about the young adults of today, because the most important thing that they can have in their life is to hear that now they have an app for that — whatever that is.

I do understand that my generation looks at all this stuff that is going on today differently than the young ones do, but that is because we have lived long enough to understand the dangers that come along with these changing times that we are in and coming into. And they are times that we have never gone through before.

But anyway, as we roll on into the year ahead we shall see how it all turns out. So may God pour out his richest blessings on you and yours and may God continue to bless America, not because we are showing so much love toward him but because he just keeps loving us.

Remember the words from the cross: “Father for give them for they know not what they do,” and I don't think we know what we are doing.

Bill McFerrin is a West Memphis resident with some things to say and a certain way of saying them.

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