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Turrell needs gravel for youth park

Turrell needs gravel for youth park


Turrell needs gravel for youth park

City has FUN funds, looking for help with drainage

Turrell needs about $10,000 in gravel to build up the site for a proposed youth park.

The city was awarded a $45,000 Facilities for Underdeveloped Neighborhoods (FUN) grant through Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism, but was told it needs to address some drainage issues at the site.

Mayor Dorothy Cooper said an engineer at Sorrell Engineers who surveyed the site said the location is too low and holds water when it rains.

“The area where we want to put it is low,” Cooper said. “So we have to build it up. And in order to build it up we need dirt. We’re trying to help out that cost by going through the county.”

The city wants to build the park on city owned land next to the fire department.

The FUN grant will pay for a half basketball court, pavilion, and children’s playground, but not the site work.

Cooper said she informed city officials about the cost to do the site work, but the council hasn’t met yet to discuss whether they can afford the work.

Cooper said she isn’t trying to obligate the county to pay for the work. It is only one option she is looking at to help get the park built.

“I’m not trying to put this on Judge Wheeless or cause problems for the judge,” Cooper said. “But Turrell is part of Crittenden County like all the rest of the cities. It was just a suggestion of one avenue we could look at. We’re just reaching out to see if we could get some help.” County Judge Woody Wheeless said he would take the matter up with the Quorum


“If it’s not a large amount, we’ll help out,” Wheeless said.

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By Mark Randall

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